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void Game::gameResults (  )  [private]

Display the results of the game (winner/loser) to the user. Called after each game.

Definition at line 301 of file game.cpp.

References Results::formatedPoints(), postEvent(), Results::result(), Results::setGame(), Results::setLaufende(), and GameInfo::setValid().

    Results r;
    r.setLaufende( m_laufende );
    r.setGame( this );
    for( unsigned int i=0;i<PLAYERS;i++)
        postEvent( PlayerResults, m_players[i]->id(), 0, r.formatedPoints(m_players[i]), true );
        // emit playerResult( m_players[i]->name(), r->formatedPoints(m_players[i])  );
    postEvent( InfoMessage, 0, 0, r.result(), true );
    //m_canvas->information( r->result() );
    m_timesThrownTogether = 0;
    // the game is over, so the GameInfo structure is not
    // valid. Results in a cleared updateInfo() field in the UI
    gameInfo()->setValid( false );

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