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GameInfo Class Reference

#include <gameinfo.h>

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Detailed Description

Keeps all information on the current game (e.g. wenz or rufspiel)

Dominik Seichter

Definition at line 34 of file gameinfo.h.

Public Types

enum  __mode {

Public Member Functions

int color () const
bool istTrumpf (Card *card) const
bool isValid () const
int laufende ()
Player * mitspieler () const
__mode mode () const
bool operator> (GameInfo info)
void setColor (int c)
void setMitspieler (Player *p)
void setMode (int m)
void setSpieler (Player *p)
void setValid (bool b)
Player * spieler () const
const QString toString () const
int weight (Card *card) const

Static Public Member Functions

static int evalCard (Card *card, GameInfo *gameinfo)
static bool isAllowed (CardList *cards, int mode, int color)

Private Attributes

int m_color
Player * m_mitspieler
__mode m_mode
Player * m_spieler
bool m_valid

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