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Game Class Reference

#include <game.h>

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Detailed Description

Dominik Seichter

Definition at line 37 of file game.h.

Public Member Functions

CardListallCards ()
CardListcurrStich ()
void endGame (void)
Player * findId (unsigned int id) const
Player * findIndex (unsigned int index) const
 Game (sem_t *sem, QObject *parent)
GameInfogameInfo ()
void gameLoop ()
int highestCard (CardList *list=0)
bool isHigher (Card *card, Card *high)
bool isTerminated () const
CardListplayedCards ()
void * postEvent (EAction action, unsigned int playerid=0, int *cardids=NULL, QString data=QString::null, bool wait=false, QStringList *names=NULL)
int timesDoubled ()
int timesThrownTogether ()

Protected Member Functions

void run ()

Private Member Functions

void gameResults ()
void resetGameResults ()
bool setupGameInfo (Player *players[])
bool setupGameInfoForced (Player *players[])
void startGame ()
void updatePlayerNames ()

Private Attributes

CardList m_allcards
CardList m_currstich
GameInfo m_gameinfo
int m_laufende
QObject * m_parent
CardList m_playedcards
Player * m_players [PLAYERS]
sem_t * m_sem
int m_timesThrownTogether
bool terminated

Static Private Attributes

static unsigned int def_id = 0

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